My work

Let me introduce some of my past and current work

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My Transsexual Date

early 2014 / founder /

One year after My Ladyboy Date, I opened My Transsexual Date, which caters to Western transsexual women specifically (knowing that "ladyboy" sounds too Asian, I felt the need for a more suitable term for westerners). The site is available in many languages (English is the main language, but we also cater to other countries where English is not commonly spoken: French, Italian, Spanish, German, Thai...).

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My Ladyboy Date

early 2013 / founder /

Dating for transsexual women (or "ladyboys", as we call them in Asia) is pretty difficult, and nobody seems to care to provide a professional and quality platform for this small part of the population. Here comes My Ladyboy Date, a fully featured dating site designed especially for ladyboys and transsexual women from all around the world.

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mid 2010 / co-founder /

Website that I co-founded in 2010 while I was graduating my MSc. Forexagone is the number one website for learning Forex on the francophone web. I left the project in 2014.

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late 2009 / co-founder /

I co-founded Sponsoreo with a friend that I met at SUPINFO, French school of computer science. It's an advertising platform for small budget (campaigns starting at 1€) that provides popup, standard banners and new formats such as fake active-X bars or slide-in boxes.