About me

My name is Cyril Mazur, I am a 33 yo serial web entrepreneur who loves PHP, Linux, and everything that relates to the web.

In 2010, I graduated an MSc eBusiness at Oxford Brookes University, and I co-founded Forexagone.com with 2 fellow French entrepreneurs.

Since then, I decided to let go of all my belongings (furniture, car, wardrobe...) and travel around the world while working online. I'm not a backpacker though, I like to stay in fully furnished cosy apartments, a few months in each city / country, so it gives me enough time to experience the local life and make friends. I work from home (very rare), coffee shop, or a coworking space — my favourite — when I find one.

In 2013, I solo founded My Ladyboy Date and My Transsexual Date and as of now I am still working full time on these two projects.

My formal resume

I'm not looking for a job, but for your information, here is my formal resume, in both French and English: