Curated max mind table for geoip timezones

Posted on January 25, 2013

So I was playing with GeoIP and the free MaxMind databases (the GeoLite version). From the IP address, this database can determine a country and a region. And from the country and the region you can determine the timezone. MaxMind gives away the CSV file and coding examples with the correspondance country/region and timezone, and they claim the timezones names are standard IANA, but it’s outdated… (hopefully one of my early users was in a conflictual timezone, so I could find out about this). If you have an up to date OLSON database, then you’d like to take into account my curated list.

For example, MaxMind will give you “America/Indianapolis” whereas the correct IANA name for that timezone nowadays is “America/Indiana/Indianapolis”.¬†From my test, I found 18 timezones names that are not IANA compliant, here is the list.

MaxMind name Correct IANA name
America/Indianapolis America/Indiana/Indianapolis
Australia/Canberra Australia/Sydney
Australia/NSW Australia/Sydney
Australia/North Australia/Darwin
Australia/Queensland Australia/Brisbane
Australia/South Australia/Adelaide
Australia/Tasmania Australia/Hobart
Australia/Victoria Australia/Melbourne
Australia/West Australia/Perth
US/Samoa Pacific/Pago_Pago
Africa/Asmera Africa/Asmara
Asia/Calcutta Asia/Kolkata
Asia/Istanbul Europe/Istanbul
Asia/Katmandu Asia/Kathmandu
Asia/Macao Asia/Macau
Atlantic/Faeroe Atlantic/Faroe
Chile/Continental America/Santiago
Pacific/Samoa Pacific/Pago_Pago

Or you can download the curated CSV file here: curated time_zone.csv MaxMind.

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  1. Strong84
    on March 7, 2013
    Add to the list
    "America/Havana" "America/Bogota"

    Following are un-mapped to Windows timezones
    "Pacific/Norfolk" UTC +11:30
    "Pacific/Pitcairn" PST8PDT
    "America/Miquelon" America/Araguaina
  2. Cyril
    on March 10, 2013
    Bogota and Havana are well in maxmind's database (and then in the SCV I distribute).

    I believe many timezones are not mapped in Windows, but who uses Windows timezones anyways? ;-) The timezones you cited are all well mapped in the OLSON database.
  3. Omar
    on January 14, 2014
    Glad I'm not the only one that noticed some of these were wrong.

    This is how you can see what TZ are installed on your server in PHP:

    This is how you can see what country a timezone is mapped to:
    $tz = new DateTimeZone("America/Mexico_City");
    $tz_info = $tz->getLocation();
    $tz_country = $tz_info['country_code'];

    I noticed some of the Maxmind ones weren't installed on my server, but they were there under a different, official IANA name as you mention.

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