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Posted on March 13, 2012

There are many aspects of my life that have changed since I decided to be a full time traveller, and I had to make many adjustments to the way I work in order to fit with my new lifestyle. The two new constraints I have to deal with are:

  • I can’t carry much (one suitcase less than 20 kilos + one backpack)
  • I must be able to manage my business with the same efficiency, like when I used to be sedentary

Therefore, there are a few items I had to buy, some others I had to throw away, and I started to make bigger use of the Cloud. I carry all of my office in my one backpack, which includes the following:

  • 1 macbook pro 15″
  • 1 huawei e5 (see my post: Nomad Internet with Huawei e5)
  • 1 notebook + pen
  • all the necessary accessories such as: power cable, iPhone cable, earphones, USB cables, USB sticks…

And… that’s … it! My office is there, in a small backpack weighing 3 kilos only. For this, I have my working station, and a constant access to the Internet due to my loyal Huawei e5.┬áIn my suitcase, which always stays in my flat or my hotel room, I keep the following:

  • HDD for Time Machine
  • HDD for movies and music

I never carry my Time Machine HDD on me for security reasons: if I happen to lose my backpack and my computer inside, at least I have a backup available in a different location and I just need to buy a new macbook and restore my data to be operational to work in less than a day.

In addition to the hardware I use, these are the services I am also using:

  • 1 dedicated server for VPN (located in France) and backup via rsync every night
  • Google Docs for storing my professional documents
  • Facebook for keeping in touch with my friends and family
  • Skype for talking to my coworkers in France and business partners
  • SVN for versioning (and also backuping) my work
My iPhone 4 has a camera good enough to capture my professional documents, which I can then send by email (like contracts, …) or store on my Google Docs space. I can then destroy the document, or send it to my address in France if it’s important to keep it.

Concerning my office space, well, I used to spend my days in coffee shops (Starbucks or Coffee Beans), as they have comfortable seats, they have no electricity charge and they allow me to stay all the day if I like. I just put on my earphones and I can feel disconnected from the rest of the world and focus on my work. Very recently though, I discovered coworking, here in Manila where I am currently staying. I am now spending my days at my coworking space, but I still happen to extend my evenings at Starbucks for doing more relaxed stuff on my laptop, such as writing blog posts or Skyping with my relatives.

So this is it. This is what it took me to transfer my sedentary work routine to a fully nomad and mobile new lifestyle. And the best thing is: it hasn’t even affected my productivity nor efficiency in my work. Actually, because I am now living my life like I always dreamed to, my enthusiasm to work and creativity are even more stimulated than before!

And to complete my post, here is a picture of my nomad professional desktop (true story, I only need this to get my work done, and get it WELL DONE):

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