Weird 302 redirect at GoDaddy

Posted on January 5, 2012
It took me some time to realise what was going on, but I finally found out a weird bug (or feature?) on my GoDaddy web hosting this afternoon. Which made me switch to Namecheap later on.

This is what happens, totally randomly when a client is accessing a file. Let’s say you try to access the following URL: These are the consecutive HTTP requests that will occur:

  1. GET
    302 redirect
  2. GET
    302 redirect
  3. GET
    200 OK

Where AbCdE is always a random string made of 5 characters.┬áThat’s right, randomly, requests happen to be redirected twice through a random directory that doesn’t exist before the server finally delivers the resource. What’s the matter, you will say? Well, this has absolutely no reason to happen, and even if a visitor wouldn’t notice it by loading the URL in his browser, this can have an impact in other fields.

First, Google tends to index the temporary URLs that doesn’t exist, and this leads to undesired pages to be indexed. Secondly, as this is an unexpected behaviour, this can fuck your scripts in some situations. It especially happened to me, when apps that are connected to my website couldn’t manage redirections that don’t output more than 255 characters for example. Because of this unwanted random 302 redirect, I couldn’t guarantee the availability of my app anymore.

I am sorry, but I am not responsible, as a developer, for this, and I don’t have to adjust my code to my web hosting in this situation. It seems to be a recurring problem at GoDaddy’s, you can check it out on Google, many people are talking about it, and GoDaddy doesn’t seem to be fixing the issue…

But I really wonder where this bug (or feature) comes from. I bet maybe for a feature, where by differing the actual delivery of the resource, it’s freeing some load on the server when too many connections are coming in at the same time.

Anyways, I am now hosting my site on Namecheap.

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Cyril Mazur is a serial web entrepreneur with experience in various fields: online dating, forex & finance, blogging, online advertising... who enjoys building things that people like to use.


  1. Daniel Sayer
    on March 29, 2012
    That seems like a school boy error for Godaddy to make. Wouldn't expect that from them at all...however the CEO does hunt elephants!

  2. on March 31, 2012
    really a bad thing
    I quitte godaddy a week ago for this reason. My website was on the 4GH shared plan
  3. Cyril
    on April 2, 2012
    Yeah it's quite scandalous and anti-professional... I regret OVH is not taking on the US market, they're from far the best (and most professional, and cheapest) on the Europe market. And they just got ditched from the Canadian market because of a stupid French fiscal law...

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