Seriously, is OSX Lion a joke?

Posted on July 20, 2011

Seriously, OSX Lion is a joke, isinit?

I’m a huge fan of Apple products, and especially their OS for Mac, to me there is no better OS for my personal and professional usage. Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) was released just this afternoon, 20th of July 2011, and in the next hour I already bought and downloaded the new fresh OS. Upgrade from my Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) went well, I haven’t lost any of my data, and all of my applications are compatible with the new OS.

At first, I was especially excited about the security improvements, such as Filevault 2, Versions, and the ability to crypt Time Machine too. But now, I’m already very disappointed by Lion, on many points. I’ve been playing with Lion just for an evening, so the list of my disappointments might not be so exhaustive at the time I’m writing these lines, but here they are.

Lion is buggy

Auto-light doesn’t work well, it goes randomly lighter or darker whereas it was working like a charm on Snow Leopard. Also, order of desktops gets shuffled sometimes for no reason.

Lion looks slower

In general, Lion looks slower (or at least more greedy for memory) than Snow Leopard. They added little new visual effects, such as the elastic scrolling (like in the iPhone, when you reach the bottom of a scrollable area, it will “bounce”…). They also added coverflow in the finder’s default view. All of these features look cool at first, but it’s very memory consuming in the end, and for no functional improvement.

Mission Control, what the fuck?

Spaces disappeared totally, and is now replaced by a new software called Mission Control. First, it’s not possible to organise desktops in a grid, from now on, desktops will be on a horizontal line ONLY, you don’t have a choice. It’s a big shock and change for all the users who are used to organise their workspace in a grid. Good luck for changing your habits. Moreover, Mission Control is quite buggy and far less reactive and fluid than Spaces used to be.

Launchpad is useless

The new application launcher, Launchpad, looks beautiful, strongly inspired by the iPhone looking. But what’s the point of using this on a computer? You’ve got the Applications folder that can be displayed as a grid that works exactly the same (and even better actually, Launchpad doesn’t respect the organisation of the folders you’ve made in your Applications Folder).

Key repeat disabled

It is now NOT possible to repeat letters while you’re holding the key. It’s not even a behaviour that you can enable/disable. No, Apple don’t give you the choice at all. Hey, I’m a big boy, if I wanna pass time repeating letters, let me do so. Although I don’t let letters to repeat very often, it’s very frustrating to be refused the right to do it.

Mac OS X Lion, the new Windows Vista?

I can’t understand, Steve. Steve, why? Do you want professionals to run away and switch to other OSs? While trying to oversimplify Mac OS, you’re in reality killing it. Numeric convergence, OK, but not this. Don’t make me use my laptop like I use my phone please, because they’re very different devices and have very different usage. And what are those bugs? And what are those performance issues? Seriously, Steve, you’re breaking my heart. Mac OS X Lion looks like Windows Vista. It was developed quick and bad, it tried to be innovative but instead became confusing and gave less freedom to users, and it sacrified performance against useless visual effects. Exactly like Windows Vista. Except Windows Vista was released in 2006 and even Microsoft themselves learnt from their mistake now and corrected everything with Windows 7.

Disappointed. Will downgrade back to Snow Leopard in the coming days…

Edit 26th of July 2011: I now downgraded back to Snow Leopard (see how I downgraded Lion from a Time Machine backup).

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