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Posted on May 19, 2011

Today, I’m taking the time to talk about my new project, It’s a website (in french only so far) whose aim is to teach Forex to very beginners, in a way it has not been done before. We really make Forex easy to learn for beginners, who can really start from the very beginning and end by reaching a good level in Forex trading. Our core business is divided into 3 main sectors.



We teach Forex with easy-to-read courses, as well as courses in videos. We also provide live video demos of trading sessions and technical analyses. Finally, our big community of traders helps beginners to get into the Forex world.

You’ll also find of course guides on how to choose the best broker for your specific needs, where to get the most interesting bonuses and how to have a good money management when trading forex.


We provide visitors with many services for Forex trading, and it’s FOR FREE. You can find so far not less than 2 expert advisors for technical analysis, and also live data bout the latest economic news and index releases for fundamental analysis.


A big point for our website is the community around. We managed to build a big community of around 8 000 traders at the day I’m writing these lines. From various backgrounds and levels in Forex, the community is discussing and sharing strategies on a well ordered forum, a chat room and a surveys system.

What I’m doing there

I co-founded Forexagone with 2 friends when we were still studying last year. We quickly managed to make it the number one Forex education site in France, because we could make the most of our respective skills. Most of what I did was technical stuff, sizing the project and the servers, developing tools for technical analysis, and of course building the website itself. I’m now working full time on our little startup project, and so do my two co-workers. Forex is a passionating domain and I have no regrets I got into it a year ago.

Be ready for some more posts about my startup project soon. I’m definitely coming back to writing now.

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Cyril Mazur is a serial web entrepreneur with experience in various fields: online dating, forex & finance, blogging, online advertising... who enjoys building things that people like to use.

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