When the studies end…

Posted on September 3, 2010

There we are, the very end of my studies. I just handed out my finale dissertation on friday right on the dead line time (touch down on the responsible’s desk). And now guess what, I’m going to find a job in order to enrich my enterprise experience. HR guys, if you read these lines, you will find my résumé right here 🙂

There are a few things I have to do now (and yes, I announce them in advance, I’m not like Steve Jobs):

  1. redesign my blog
  2. update my résumé
  3. write a URL shortener (don’t ask why, I just want to do it)
  4. and finally be ready to hunt a job

My preference goes for London, because I really want to strengthen my english skills and have experience in english or international companies. But I’m totally open for another location, even in France if I’m ever offered a golden job.

You’ll be told about goal number 1 very soon as I’m currently working on it, I think it’ll be OK next week, defo.

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Cyril Mazur is a serial web entrepreneur with experience in various fields: online dating, forex & finance, blogging, online advertising... who enjoys building things that people like to use.

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