Only 2 USB ports on my MacbookPro

Posted on July 17, 2010

I’m very happy with my brand new MacBook Pro 2010 15″ and we’re living a beautiful love story together 🙂 But WHY THE HELL ARE THERE ONLY 2 USB PORTS? What do you want to do with that?.. Imagine you use a USB mouse of any other device like a 3G dongle, you already find yourself with only one port effectively available… And if never you dare to plug a USB stick that is too fat, it will be even impossible to use the second one.

Notice that it’s possible to have a third USB port on your macbook pro, but it will cost you to get the 17″ model instead (that costs not lest than 500 euros more than the entry 15″)

Yes if there is something I’d have to have against my Macbook Pro, it’s definitely the low number of available USB ports, it’s a pain sometimes…

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