How I managed to get a 100eur + 8eur/month discount for my iPhone 4 at Orange

Posted on July 25, 2010

Big news: I moved to France recently. Ok I needed a phone, but I could have found cheaper than the new iPhone 4 (and I’m even not talking about the mobile contracts in France, it’s like stealth!). But no choice, I’m defo an Apple fan boy, and my current 3GS is alright to me, so I gave in to temptation: I just ordered a new iPhone 4 at Orange!

How I managed to get a 100 euros cash + 8 euros/month discount for my iPhone 4 at Orange

This is the deal I got, tell me if you could find cheaper in France for that:

  1. I chose the iPhone 4 16G, that costs 249 euros with the following contract: 50.90euros a month, for 2h + 2h nights and weekends, duration 24 months
  2. I got a 100 euros discount on my first bills because I ported an old SFR number (another french operator), and so I keep my former french number which is a good thing furthermore 🙂
  3. I got a 3euros/month discount on my contract because I contracted it online
  4. I got a 10%/month discount on my contract because I’m younger than 26

Which makes in the end an iPhone 4 at 149 euros instead of 249, and a contract at 43.11/month instead of 50.90.

I’m not sure that you could do it with a pay as you go (mobicarte) for the 100 euros discount, but you can still test. The 10% discount is not for every contract, so take care of it. Finally, the 3euros discount is for everybody at least 🙂

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