Mobile plans in France versus United Kingdom

Posted on June 14, 2010

My finale year of studies in Oxford comes to an end, and I’ll go back to France this summer… Having a look at the mobile offers in France, I nearly passed out. Here is a simple comparison between the cheapest mobile plan for iPhone (no publicity, that’s my phone!) in France and in the UK. This is for contracts without the phone (SIM only plan). The comparison is made with the same carrier in the both countries: Orange.

UK France
Plan: iPhone SIM only 25 Origami star pour iPhone
National calls: 600 minutes 60 minutes
Texts: Unlimited 10
Internet: Unlimited
(bandwidth reduced after 750Mo)
(bandwidth reduced after 500Mo)
Contract: No duration 24 months
Price: £25/month (= 30€) 36.90€/month (= £30)

The situation in France: only 3 phone carriers, and a legal wall for any other company to enter the market.

The result: the 3 carriers agree on the prices, as there is no attempt to be competitive they can fix the prices they want, even if it’s 10 times more expensive than what it costs to them (60 minutes against 600 minutes, 10 texts against unlimited texts).

How dare they only give 10 texts a month? Come on, it costs nothing nowadays for the carrier to send a text… It’s far the time when France was the country of the human rights and freedom. Nothing’s made in France to help companies to work properly or to be competitive. And the UK is not even the cheapest country in the world for mobile plans, the prices in Austria for example will blow you away for sure…

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