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Posted on December 24, 2008

ie6, ie7 and ie8

It’s a long time I didn’t integrate xhtml/css pages. Well yesterday night I did. BUT, I’m on OS X now, and unfortunately it’s not the case of all the surfers. And of course my page has to display correctly on Internet Explorer.

I have Windows Vista on my old PC, but ie7 is installed by default (by the way my page displays perfectly on ie7 without any modifications hihi). And then the question is: how to have ie6 and ie7 side by side on the same computer?

On Windows XP:

When I still was on XP, I had ie7 natively installed and was using a standalone version of ie6, it worked good (look for ie6 standalone on google, you’ll find it easily)

There is also a solution called MultipleIE that works on XP (but not on Vista, be careful).

On Windows Vista:

On Vista it’s more difficult … Even Microsoft advices a hard solution: according to them, the best way is to use an XP virtual machine. Burdensome yes…

For thoses who are interested, this is the link of the microsoft site that provides the virtual hard drives:

And the link to download Virtual PC:

Both on Windows XP and Windows Vista:

Afterwards, I found this software: IETester that works both on XP and Vista, that gives the render on ie5.5, ie6, ie7 and even ie8 beta 2, that could be interesting. I tested it and the results seem good, but I don’t trust it at 100% (well for yesterday it was enough :))

Conclusion: the best solution

In my opinion, the best way is the Microsoft one (even it’s a shame that Vista can’t run ie6), but for thoses who have for example OSX or linux, XP virtualization is still the best way. It’s even better than softwares such as IETester, MultipleIE and even ie6 standalone, because they all use hacked versions of ie.

Moreover there is a cost … you still need a Windows XP install CD!

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